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What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is based on the principle that there are reflexes(pressure points)in our feet, hands & ears that correspond to all parts of our body, glands and organs. By applying specific pressure to the feet, hands or ears, reflexology can relieve stress and tension, improve circulation and promote relaxation.

Today's reflexology has emerged from long ago beginnings through many cultures including Asian, European and Aboriginal to what is now a now popular form of health care throughout the world. In fact, Reflexology is one of the oldest known healing arts dating back to ancient Egyptian times.


What are the Benefits?

-Improves circulation helping eliminate excessive waste products in the body 
-Reduces stress and tension (70-80% of illness is related to stress) 
-Stimulates the lymphatic system which will boost the immune system 
-Increases oxygen from the lungs to all tissues 
-Promotes the natural function of the body

Reflexology is an all around excellent way to aid in detoxification and assists your natural body function to aid in healing. It naturally relieves stress allowing your entire body relaxation and relief from aches. Many people experience relief from insomnia, allergies, shingles, kidney stones, gout, intestinal problems, back pain, shoulder pain, headaches, PMS, menopause, and of course, foot problems! The list goes on...

What to expect with your visit

You will arrive walking into a beautiful relaxing garden.

Tucked under a blanket you recline back in a leather zero gravity chair. This position is second best to floating in the water as it takes pressures off your entire body offering optimal relaxation.

I do not ask you to fill out lengthy forms about your lifestyle, but I do need to know about any major health concerns. I will talk to you about stress points I come across during the treatment, but I am not a doctor, I can not diagnose diseases. If there is a consistent stress point over a period of treatments it is up to you to talk to your health practitioner about the underlying cause.

Some people feel greatly energized after their visit, while others feel sleepy and deeply relaxed. Many people that have trouble sleeping report the best nights sleep in a long time after a treatment. Some people report a lot of energy where they go home and get projects done. The body reacts in an appropriate way as to what your body needs and each visit can be completely different. 

How to prepare for your visit

You will be taking your shoes and socks off. If you would like me to work on your lower legs please wear something that can be rolled up above the knee.

It is best to come well hydrated and drink more water after your appointment as well.

If you have athletes foot or any other contagious conditions please see your doctor and get it cleared up before making an appointment.

If there is a certain CD you have that helps you relax, feel free to bring it. I play relaxing spa music in my office.

After your visit

An excellent way to aid in eliminating toxins after a treatment is a detox bath.

Soak for half an hour in a hot bath to which 2 cups of either;

Baking soda -which will help neutralize the acids of the toxins

Epsom salts -which give the water a higher ion content than the body so it draws the fluids, with the toxins, out of the body

**Note: Very important to drink a couple of glasses minimum of filtered water during this time to replenish the loss. Do not use Epsom salts with a rash. For dry skin grind 2 cups of rolled oats and add to the bath.

I also recommend a sauna, steam room or jacuzzi, unless of course your doctor does not advise them.

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