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I am so happy to recommend Julia Bump as a very professional and fully competent Reflexologist. She has a firm but gentle touch. I have been seeing Julia for almost a year. Her treatments have been very helpful to my physical and mental conditions, regarding my type two Diabetes. Especially concerning my feet. The circulation has improved ten fold along with much pain relief. My yearly exams with my dentist and eye Doctors have shown much improvement this year. I also have increased energy after her treatments. I believe her treatment was responsible for helping my body to naturally rid itself of a kidney stone. Her attitude is always positive and she is sensitive to your feelings, knowing when to listen, quietly. She is prompt and provides consistent service. I would highly recommend her services to anyone.
Sincerely; Lenore T.


Julia has helped me with my hay fever this spring.  After only ten minutes into my treatment with her I could breathe easier. She is also working with me in regards to my back pain as I have osteoarthritis.  I find that Julia intuitively knows what to work on when I come to see her, and I highly recommend her.
Dianne B.


I've been meaning to e-mail, especially after my mum got my baby daughter a baby reflexology treatment for her Xmas! I have to thank you for all treatments during my time in Canada and during pregnancy - kept me chilled and I'm sure made labour easier (well as easy as it can be). 
Rhian R.

Rhian and family moved back to Scotland shortly after their baby girl was born. She came to me for stress relief in the hopes to get pregnant. She highly recommends the book 'The Mouse's House' by Susan Quayle for Reflexology relaxation techniques you can use on babies.


Julia's magical hands have greatly improved the flexibility, circulation,
function and comfort of my feet. My right foot was badly damaged many years ago.
My foot has limited mobility and tends to "claw" which just exacerbates problems.
Julia helps to keep my feet healthier, functioning and lying flatter, in a fun one hour session every two weeks.
I greatly appreciate her help.

Brenda M.


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